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Are You An Overworked
Female Entrepreneur?

Virtual Assistant | Freelance Writer | Coach | Service Provider | Blogger

Do you want more freedom and margin in your business?

Do you want multiple income streams?

Have you considered creating passive
income with a digital product and automation?

If so, then I can help you do just that!

This site is for you if you’re a female business owner and want to
create an addition income cash-flow but without involving you.

I can help you create multiple ‘set it and forget it’ passive income streams.

So if you’re a…

Virtual Assistant | Freelance Writer | Coach | Service Provider | Blogger

…then let me help you create your first $1,000 per month passive income stream.

Hi, I’m Claire

I’m a former university Office Manager turned female entrepreneur and a professional yo-yo dieter (that’s one skill I wish I did’t have!)

I’m a passive income specialist for female entrepreneurs who are tired of trading their time for money and want to create additional income streams via digital products and automation.

I’ve been creating passive income streams since 2006 though affiliate marketing, ebooks and printables.

I’m married with two teenage sons and we all live happily in the North East of England.


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If you want to add another income stream into your business, but without involving YOU, then now is the time to create a passive income cash-flow.

I can show you how to create multiple passive income streams with digital products + automated systems.

Stop trading all of your time for money.

Create multiple ‘set it and forget it‘ passive income streams.

I can show you how to do that.

This book is written by a female entrepreneur (me!) for female entrepreneurs who are tired of trading all of their time for money.

For female business owners who want to get more freedom in their business whilst still earning an income even when on holiday, are ill, looking after poorly kids or just want some breathing space in their business…

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