About Claire

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Claire Bullerwell and I teach female entrepreneurs (service providers & bloggers) how to create passive income cash-flows to give them more freedom and margin in their business.

I’ve been Online, on and off, since 1997 as soon as I knew that I could make money from an Internet connection and a computer.

I’ve dabbled in all kinds of ways to make money Online.

These are the things I’ve done Online:

Built large content websites (anti aging & facial skincare)
Built many blogs in all kinds of niches (weight loss & war on wrinkles)
Created and sold my own eBooks
Created and sold my own Kindle books on Amazon
Ran an eBay shop selling women’s’ plus size clothes (bought wholesale)

Earn passive income through my own ebooks and affiliate marketing

My lovely content sites – earning an income through affiliate marketing:

My ebooks & printables mini empire:
[I’ve since retired all of the above to concentrate 100% on my PIMS Ladies brand.]


My freelance business stuff:

Ran my own typing service business from home
Been a virtual assistant specialising in digital marketing
Been a virtual assistant as an email customer support representative
Been a freelance writer specialising in writing blog posts on digital marketing

My offline business ventures:

Ran a newsletter information business from home (snail mail)
Was in a multi-level marketing company called Kleeneze
Ran my own domestic cleaning business

So as you can see, I’ve tried my little entrepreneurial hand at most things!

… and failed at a lot of them.

I simply just didn’t enjoy some of them.  The main ones I disliked the most are my typing from home service, domestic cleaning business and the Kleeneze MLM business.

The reason why I disliked the typing service is that it was very time-consuming, I had to take on clients and projects which I didn’t enjoy (because I needed the money) and I quickly figured out that I didn’t like trading all of my time for money.

You can read my full story of how and why I transition from a service-based business into creating passive income streams.

I Want To Help You Create Passive Income Too!

I started The PIMS Ladies because I saw, and continue to see, in Facebook groups that many women in business are wanting to create passive income streams but literally don’t know how or were to start.

I’ve seen posts in Facebook groups that many service-based business owners are:

Frustrated at the lack of consistent income
Despise having to take on horrible clients just for the money
Tired of having to constantly find new clients
Tired of trading time for money
Overwhelmed & burnt out
 Upset because they don’t earn an income if they aren’t working
 Feel unfulfilled because they cannot reach their income goals

I’ve answered as many questions as I can in these Facebook groups, but of course these posts quickly get buried deep and they get forgotten and never seen again.

This was when I decided to create the PIMS Ladies website and blog.  On this website I’m sharing all of my knowledge, tips & advice to help you start creating a passive income within the next 30 days – it is possible!

Start Your Passive Income Journey:-

If you feel that creating a passive income cash-flow is the next logical step for you and your business then get started by downloading the free passive income planning kit

Click here to download these worksheets

This will show you the steps you need to take to create passive income with digital products and automation.

I also follow up by email, with lessons and advice to get you started on the first step.

Here’s to your passive income success!

Claire x

P.S. Some personal things about me:

I’m married to Sean and we have two teenage sons
We live in the North East of England
I have a B.A. (Hons) Degree in Business Studies
I used to be an Office Manager at Newcastle University
I’m a professional yo-yo dieter
We have a black and white cat called Roxy