About Create a Passive Business

Hello and welcome to Create a Passive Business!

I’m Claire Bullerwell, a work from home mum who lives in the North East of England with my husband and two teenage sons.

My main passion is creating passive income with my own digital products; and this is the main way I’ve made money online since 2007.  Because of this, this is also the focus of this blog…

To help fellow female entrepreneurs create multiple streams of
passive income with digital products, automation & digital marketing

Over the years (not all at the same time), I’ve ran:

  • A Home Based Business Ideas Blog
  • A Passive Income Blog
  • A Blog about Blogging, and
  • A Freelance Business Tips blog.

I’ve monetized all these blogs with my own digital products, ebooks & printables, and affiliate marketing.

After taking a hiatus from blogging, I decided to start Create a Passive Business (formally known as PIMS Ladies).  This is because I needed to start earning an income again, but the main reason was that I kept seeing in Facebook groups that women were struggling to create passive income with digital products.

I tried to answer as many questions as I could in Facebook groups, but the posts kept getting pushed down and hardly anyone saw any of the advice that I was giving away for free.

So I decided to start this website so I could put down all my knowledge, experience, advice & tips on how to create passive income with digital products and automation.

How To Get Your Passive Income Journey Started

OK, so I’ve been busy!

Here’s what you can do to start planning out your passive income:

#1 Read all the articles on passive income.
#2 Follow my Facebook page as I post on there weekly.
#3 Watch my free workshop which shows you my passive income blueprint.

Watch my free workshop…

My Home Business Ventures:

  • Got my first home PC in 1997 and started trying to find ways to make money from the Internet.
  • Management Domestic Cleaning Business (employed two cleaners to do the cleaning).
  • Multi Level Marketing (Herbalife then Kleeneze).
  • eBay selling (ladies plus size clothes).
  • Building an ‘authority’ website (well, various websites in different niches).
  • Building Word Press blogs (various niches).
  • Direct marketing via squeeze pages and autoresponders.
  • Virtual Assistant (Email Customer Service).
  • Typing Business.
  • Dropshipping via a Shopify online store.
  • Done a stint of freelance writing.
  • Writing and selling ebooks (12 of them)
  • Writing and selling Kindle books.
  • Creating and selling printables.

Yes, I’ve done quit a lot over the years haven’t I!

Here are some of the 12 ebooks & printbales I’ve written and created:

Selling Digital Products Online

Fun Facts About Me

  • I have a Degree in Business Studies (B.A. Hons) and an Advanced Diploma in Anti Aging Therapy.
  • I used to be an Office Manager at a local University in the Faculty of Education.
  • We have a goldfish called Jimmy (who turns out to be female!)
  • Our back garden is a cat cemetery – RIP Zephy, Roxy and Dino.
  • All in all, I’ve been online since 1997 trying various ways to make money via the Internet and learning everything about Online Marketing there is to know.

Thanks for reading this far, and don’t forget, I can help you get started on your passive income journey simply by watching my free workshop!

Claire x