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The Passive Income Blueprint

Your Journey to Financial Freedom

Digital Products | Automated Systems | Passive Income Funnels*

Strategy Based

This course walks you through the 7 steps you need to take to create a fully automated digital product suite.

It is extremely streamlined to nurture you to set up your first passive income stream within six weeks.

The Passive Traffic Blueprint

Your Journey to Automatic Traffic

Understanding Online Traffic | The Traffic Cycle | Automated Traffic

Strategy Based

This course helps you create a traffic strategy that suits you and your business. The overall long-term strategy is for you to receive automatic traffic from a variety of sources.

This course is extremely streamlined to help you fill your sales funnels, sell your digital product(s) and/or your services.

*Passive Income Funnels are just my name for sales funnels / automated email sequences.

Please Note: Both of these courses will be text based, therefore the cost will be extremely low for a course. You can purchase these courses separately or as a bundle with a discount.

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