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Start leveraging your business and hitting your income goals with passive income streams via digital products, automation & digital marketing.

Get your first passive income cash-flow up and running within the next 90 days by following my strategic 7-step passive income blueprint.

Is this You?

Frustrated by your lack of consistent income?
Despise having to take on horrible clients just for the money?
Tired of having to constantly find new clients?
Tired of trading time for money?
Overwhelmed & burnt out?
Upset because you don’t earn an income if you don’t put in the hours
Have too many ‘meh’ days and not getting anything done?
Feel unfulfilled because you can’t reach your income goals?
Don’t want to offer coaching or a service for an income anymore?
 Not sure how to monetize your blog for maximum profits?

… then creating additional income streams via digital
products + automation will be your new secret weapon.

It’s now time to add a new solid, reliable income stream
to your business which doesn’t involve YOU.

I can help you do all of this – I promise!

Introducing you to my new:

Passive Income Blueprint

Start Creating Your Passive Income Today

Only $49



Focus Of The Book

The focus of this book is to show you how to create your first passive income stream with a simple digital product and then sell it automatically with various automated systems.

It’s literally a ‘set it and forget it‘ type of system

By doing this, you’re adding another income stream to your business, but this time it doesn’t involve you!

You can then go on to create a second digital product, hence a second passive income cash-flow. You simply keep repeating this process until you reach your income goals.

Isn’t this exciting! 

This is why I love passive income with digital products

You’ll learn all about automation and that ‘automation’ doesn’t have to be a sleazy dirty word or strategy.  It’s the Internet – so come and take advantage of this amazing technology and use it to your unique advantage.

In my book, I show you how to use automated systems in order for you to work in your own unique (and comfortable) way.  This is what I personally do.

Also, in this 7 Step Blueprint you’ll learn how to create a digital product you know your customers are desperate for and are ready and willing to buy.

Does this sound like something which you would like to incorporate into your business?

If so, then follow these 7 steps to create your first passive income stream:

Step 1: Find Your Product Topic Idea

Step 2: Creating Your Digital Product

Step 3: Setting Up Sales Processes

Step 4: All Things Lead Magnets

Step 5: Automated Email Marketing

Step 6: Digital Marketing Techniques

Step 7: Digital Product Suite & Business Goals Mapping


Do You Find It Hard To Make Money Consistently?

This is one of the biggest problems when running a service / freelance business online; the lack of consistency with your income. You have to keep trying to find new clients on a daily basis (in most cases) in order to get paid, and even then, your marketing efforts might fall short as you’re still not guaranteed if anyone will pay for your service or product (hopefully that won’t happen too often).

What happens when you go on holiday? When you’re sick? Have poorly kids off school?

… your business comes to a grinding holt. No income!


Do You Struggle With Mind-Issues?

It’s hard enough starting a business online and trying to get yourself out there among the masses to share your message, but it’s so much harder if you struggle with some type of mind-issue.

If you suffer from:

Low moods
Chronic shyness
Lack confidence
Limiting beliefs (I’m not worthy)
Or even if you’re an introvert

… then you’ll have experienced how difficult it can be to create and grow your business online when trying to compete against extrovert, outgoing and more stronger personalities.

Believe me, you’re amazing and 100% worth listening too – and it’s not your fault if you can’t function as well as you know you can at times, or be the person who you’re supposed to be.

This can lead to frustration, anger, self-resentment and a whole load of other negative feelings; just because you find it difficult to move forward with your business – you end up inside a vicious circle.

This is why passive income with digital products + automation can be a life saver!

Yes you put a lot of work in up-front, but you can earn an income Online without having to be constantly in Facebook groups, doing Facebook lives or webinars if you don’t want to.

Just remember, there’s always a way – an alternative – and believe me, this is the way to make money if you’re shy or just don’t want to / can’t put yourself out there (more on this inside the book).


Reach A Much Larger Audience

I’m showing you a way to make your impact on the world but in a more hands-free and behind-the-scenes way.

You’ll be able to reach a much much larger audience with your message with a simple digital product.  This can be the same message your giving to your clients now, in person.  So imagine giving your message (solving a problem) to thousands of people with an ebook or online course?

And passive income is your new option!

So if this is you, then a passive income model is ideal to help you to get your message out there and start earning money consistently without the need to get clients, or to constantly have to sell your services on a daily basis.

The best thing about earning money passively with digital products is that you do the hard work up front once, and then your product will sell itself time and time again for months and even years to come.

How cool is that!


Why I Created the Passive Income Blueprint

This book is written by a female entrepreneur (me!) specifically for female entrepreneurs.

I’ve read and witnessed inside of many Facebook groups all the problems, frustrations and confusion when it comes to earning a passive income with digital products.

mainly women service-providers who want to stop trading all of their time for money but literally don’t know how to start with the first step of creating a passive income cash-flow.

So I’ve written this book in response to these frustrations and problems.

I want you to:

Have piece of mind knowing that you have an income regardless of you being present or not
Have a consistent income
Share your message with a much wider audience (word-wide)
Free up some time to do things you really want to do
Automate part of your business (or all of your business)

What I cover inside the Passive Income Blueprint:-

How a passive income can benefit you in your business
Mapping out your short & long-term passive income goals
Share your message with a much wider audience (word-wide)
Sales funnels explained
Lead magnets, landing pages & thank-you pages
Automated digital delivery
Shopping carts & sales pages
Sales processes & automated systems
Conversion rates
Refund policies

I show you step-by-step:-

How to choose your digital product topic idea
How to validate your idea before you create your product
How to create a list of people literally waiting for your product to be launched
Choose from five different digital product modalities and how to create each one
Which tools to use to create each type of digital product
Examples of automated email sequences to sell your product
Example of automated customer engagement email sequence
Digital marketing strategies based on your personality & strengths

This ebook is just under 100 A4 pages long and is full of:

Straight to the point guidance & teaching
Dozens of screenshot images
Covers all aspects of setting up a passive income stream from start to finish
Tables & checklist to map out your passive income goals & business planning
What to do next, beyond your first passive income cash flow
How to start reaching your income goals with digital products
Map out your $1,000 per month or $20,000 per month digital passive income
Is written by a female entrepreneur for female entrepreneurs!


In addition to the 100 page Passive Income Blueprint tutorial, I’ve created four bonuses to help you take action…

Pricing Matrix & Formula Charts

eBook & Online Course Planner

Email Sales
Funnel Planner

Customer Email Funnel Planner

Plan and map out your passive income.

This printable will help you plan and outline your ebooks and courses.

Map out your digital product sales funnel with this very handy email planner.

Create an amazing customer experience with this nurturing email sequence planner.

Plus, you’ll also get access to a private ‘customers only’
email address so you can contact me directly if you get stuck.


Who’s Behind The Passive Income Blueprint?

So, who am I?

I’m Claire Bullerwell and I’ve been studying passive income via digital products, automation and digital marketing since 2006. 

I’ve written eight ‘how to’ ebooks (selling on my websites as PDFs and also on Amazon as Kindles) and I’ve also created dozens of blogging printables, selling them through automated systems giving me multiple streams of passive income.

Some of my ebooks:

Some of my printables:

I’ve also been a virtual assistant and a typist service-provider.

Passive income, sales funnels and digital marketing absolutely fascinate me and so I’ve literally been ‘studying’ these since 2006 when I first realised that you can earn money passively, even while you sleep!

I don’t claim to be a passive income expert, because this is such a vast subject area, but I like to class myself as a Passive Income Specialist!

If there were a Degree at a University on Passive Income, then I would be their most eager student 🙂

I now spend my time helping and teaching fellow like-minded female entrepreneurs how to grow and leverage their business with passive income streams via digital products, automation & digital marketing.


Are You Ready for Passive Income?

So if you’re ready to get more freedom in your business together with a consistent flow of income then you can purchase the Passive Income Blueprint, together with the above five bonuses, and start earning a passive income within the next 90 days or less.

The cost of the whole package is only $49 which I think you’ll find is very low cost. 

So just to reiterate, when you make your purchase you get:

  1. The Passive Income Blueprint
  2. Pricing Matrix & Income Formula Chart
  3. eBook & Course Outline Planner
  4. Digital Product Sales Funnel Template/Planner
  5. Customer Engagement Funnel Template/Planner
  6. Access to ‘customers only’ email address

All for the price of only $49!

Are you ready to take YOU out of your next income stream?

Are you going to join me and start your own, amazing
and very rewarding passive income journey?

I hope so, let’s go on this journey together!

Buy Now

Only $49


Good luck and I hope to speak to you soon.

Warm Regards,

Claire x

P.S. I’m still on my own journey with digital products – I’m currently creating something new which I’ve never done before!

P.P.S. As a customer you’ll have access to my private email address, so I’m only an email away if you need any help.

Also, don’t be put off by the 100 pages. Print the book off, put it in a ring binder and work your way through it as if you were studying a new subject at college – apart from you’re going to be rewarded by $££ at the end of this course 🙂

Buy Now

Only $49