Case Studies: Female Entrepreneurs Rocking Passive Income With Digital Products

Here are some case studies of amazing women who are rockin’ it with passive income.

I put this together to show (and prove) that no matter what type of business you currently run, you can still add another cash-flow to your business via a digital product + automation.

So if you’re a female blogger who wants to monetize your blog, or you run a service-based business and want to start reaching your income goals, without trading any more of your time for money, then you’ll find loads of inspiration from these case studies.

OR, you could start a digital product business from scratch and start earning your first $1,000 per month passive income.

No trading time for money required!

I hope you start getting excited at the new possibilities which are open to you to scope and leverage your business and start reaching your income goals.

So without further ado, let’s start with the lovely Regina…

Regina Lewis | Business Coach for Virtual Assistants

Service Business: Coaching
Digital Product: Online Course

Digital Product Description: My signature course is ‘How to Launch a Successful Virtual Assistant Business with Little or No Experience’. The course consists of four modules and walks students through the necessary steps to launch a profitable virtual assistant business.

Why Did You Create a Digital Product?

“I created the course for a few reasons:

1) To share my expertise with a budding virtual assistant industry. I’ve learned a lot since I launched my business in 2007.
2) To create another stream of income outside of client work. As a matter of fact, I transitioned late last year to coaching only.”

Tracy Raftl | Adult Acne Blogger

Online Business: Blogging
Digital Product: eBook + Videos

Digital Product Description: The Naturally Clear Skin System is a complete package to help adults with acne get clear skin without the use of acne creams.

Why Did You Create a Digital Product?

“I was soo pleased with my own results in clearing my acne that I started to blog about it and then I put all the information into an ebook and bonus video to help thousands of acne sufferers get clear skin too.

This was also an ideal way to monetize my blog to earn me a monthly passive income.”

Rebecca Lockwood |Master NLP Coach

Service Business: Coaching
Digital Product: Various Courses

Digital Product Description: I’ve created various online courses which cover all levels of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Why Did You Create a Digital Product?

“I created these courses to help female entrepreneurs on the different levels of NLP and also because I didn’t want to be looking for new clients every 3 months.  I also wanted a guaranteed monthly income and to have a sustainable, scaleable business model.”

Tiffany McCauley | Food Blogger

Online Business: Blogging
Digital Product: Online Course

Digital Product Description:  The course consists of 8-lesson plan to help participants transition from a standard American diet to a clean eating approach for daily meals.

Why Did You Create a Digital Product?

“I created the course because I saw there was a need to help people transition from an unhealthy diet to a healthy, clean diet – there are a lot of people out there who don’t know how to do this.

The course is also an added passive income stream to help me monetize my food blog.”

Danielle Ralston | Business & Social Media Strategist

Service Business: Coaching
Digital Product: Monthly Membership Site

Digital Product Description: Fairy Training (personal focused branding) and a Planning System

Why Did You Create a Digital Product?

“The Fairy training I have actually used in the IT consulting world working with Vendors for years. It became fairy training when I realized there was life outside of IT and I needed a good hook 🙂

The Planning system is something I have used for years. As an ADHD Multi-Passionate business owner (4 businesses right now) I needed a way to control the chaos and make life more efficient. I have also trained IT pro’s to use this system for years.”

Tracy Hooper | Image Consultant & Stylist

Service Business: Consultant
Digital Product: Online Course

Digital Product Description: A DIY mini course “5 Steps To A Brand Ready Wardrobe”

Why Did You Create a Digital Product?

“I had been working as a Beauty Therapist swapping a huge number of very unsociable hours for money and I needed to change that.

So I worked with a coach and came up with the idea of an online service plus digital products that would give me a recurring income without having to go out and look for new clients all the time.

I needed to create a product that would just sell on its own plus find a way to keep the clients I work with rather than just work with them once and then have to look for new clients again.

In the future I also plan to create a digital Style Profile that people can work through on their own to identify and create their own style. So this will be an additionally e product that will just sell without needing any time input from me.”

Julie Mason | Sales and Marketing Mentor/Coach

Service Business: Coaching
Digital Product: Yearly Membership Program

Digital Product Description: The LinkedIn Sales Formula is to help businesses generate leads and sales through LinkedIn.

Why Did You Create a Digital Product?

“I had run monthly LinkedIn workshops for 7 years as part of my training products and was very tired of it and it wasn’t very leveraged.

So I created a membership program that takes businesses step by step on how to use LinkedIn effectively and how to build a strategy to generate leads there.

It includes a Group coaching call each month and an online forum to support everyone in the program. I have over 130 members in 18 months paying $997 for 1 years access and it takes me about 5 hours a month to manage it (answer questions and run the group call).

While I only have so many hours in a day to mentor people one on one, the membership program is totally scale-able and I will be ramping it up significantly in 2018.”

Katrina Young | Digital Marketing Consultant

Service Business: Coaching
Digital Product: Online Course + PDF Downloads

Digital Product Description: Various digital products to help support my clients further.

Why Did You Create Your Digital Products?

“To create another Business Model. To support my clients at different price points and to leverage my skills for passive income.”

Susan Garrett | Dog Agility Trainer

Service Business: Dog Training
Digital Product: eBooks + Courses

Digital Product Description: Various dog training methods through ebooks & online courses such as Recallers, Puppy Peaks & Handling360.

Why Did You Create a Digital Product?

“I needed a more sustainable and flexible business model to help teach thousands of dog owners all over the world as I was spending most of my time travelling to carry out workshops.

I started off with a simple ebook and then quickly expanded into online video courses.  Creating a passive income via digital products is the best business decision I have ever made.”

More Examples:

Melissa Lanz | Speaker on Education in Nutrition

Digital Product: Weekly Meal Subscription.  Members pay a monthly subscription.

Digital Product Description: This is a membership subscription where members are sent weekly recipes along with a shopping list.   This comes in a downloadable PDF and is sent automatically via email.

Laura Smith | Blogger + Printables Creator

Digital Product: Monthly Printables Membership Subscription

Digital Product Description: As a monthly paying member you get a new printable pack every month.  Laura’s printables are focused on organizing systems for every area of your life.

Sarah Gilcher | Esty Shop Owner

Digital Product: Digital Printables

Digital Product Description: Sarah creates organizational tools & planners and sells them as automatic digital downloads from her Etsy shop.

What Next?

So if you think that you would enjoy creating and selling digital products in your business, then watch my free passive income blueprint workshop and start your passive income journey…

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