A (Virtually) Guaranteed Way To Succeed In Your Online Business If You Suffer from Depression & Anxiety

Disclaimer: I’m definitely not any kind of mental health advisor. This post is about an online business model (passive income via digital products) which may be the answer to you making money online without having to have clients, do Facebook lives or any other type of marketing technique you don’t want to do.

I feel that now is a good time to write this post, now that mental health awareness is on the increase – and hurray for that!

As someone who’s suffered from depression, anxiety, and extreme low self-esteem & confidence over the last sixteen years, I know what it’s like to try and make your dreams of running a successful Online business a reality, but when the odds are stacked up against you.

So this post is for you if you suffer from depression & anxiety, or indeed any type of mental-illness, and you know that its this that’s holding you back from becoming successful in your own Online business.

First of All – It’s Not Your Fault!

Today we’re living in a world when things are spoken and played out loud in public more than ever before, especially with social media having a big influence on making the world a much, much smaller place.

When spending a few minutes in a Facebook group you tend to see and witness countless posts from fellow female entrepreneurs expressing how they’re killing it with their own Online business.

Whilst I know that these peers are telling you this for ‘motivational’ purposes to show that ‘if they can do it, then so can you’, it can often have a counter-productive effect and leave you feeling utterly depressed and even more hopeless and lonely than you did before entering that ‘community’ of fellow like-minded female entrepreneurs.

I’m sure you’ll have seen posts such as:

Sarah, a mother of two from Southampton has made a success of her Online business as a coach and is raking in $20K+ a month and she’s willing to share her journey.

Or that Mandy from Middlesbrough is a very successful beauty blogger and gets thousands of pounds worth of free cosmetics from an array of sponsors.

Although these are undoubtedly true and are motivational to a certain extent, it certainly does NOT guarantee that you can do the same too!

This ‘if I can do it, so can you’ attitude is a pet peeve of mine which I’ve had for many years now and it doesn’t seem to be going away.

*Names, towns and online businesses are fictional and for demonstration purposes only 🙂

So Why Can’t You Do The Same?

Because Sarah and Mandy more than likely don’t suffer from depression, anxiety, low moods, low self-esteem, lack in confidence or have any limiting beliefs (I’m not worthy), there is nothing holding them back from growing and marketing their business with ease.

Sarah and Mandy will have a different:

  • Home life to you
  • Personality
  • Spouse/Partner circumstances
  • Family circumstances
  • Background/childhood circumstances
  • Working circumstances
  • Monetary circumstances

…. you get my drift I’m sure.

The norm is that in order to run a successful Online business your mindset needs to be pretty top-notch. This is now a very open conversational fact that is talked about quite extensively Online today – although these conversations tend to be geared more towards releasing your ‘limiting beliefs and/or success & money blocks’.

But what about us that suffer from depression & anxiety or all the other mind-issues which I’ve mentioned above? These aren’t talked about so much and go way way much deeper than a limiting belief (although I know that limiting beliefs may stem from past issues/trauma which also lead to depression & anxiety).

So how can people who suffer with these mind-issues still run a successful and profitable Online Business?

You probably know that you need to get help to overcome these mind problems, but in the meantime what can you do to succeed in making money online?

Although this post is not about overcoming depression and limiting beliefs, it is about a business model which I’m very passionate about and what has literally ‘saved’ me by keeping me somewhat sane through my most difficult times whilst also giving me a consistent flow of income.

The business model which I’m talking about is the Information Business Model. More accurately put; making a passive income via digital products + automation + digital marketing.

But before I talk more about this absolutely amazing, and somewhat overlooked business model these days, let’s address a couple of things first.

Choices – There Are Always Choices!

There are many Online business models to pick and choose from today. This means we can ‘cherry-pick’ the bits which we like the best to use in our own Online Business.

By this I mean you can choose your business model based on:

  • To offer a service or not
  • To sell a physical product
  • To blog
  • To grow an email list
  • To use WordPress, Wix or Squarespace

Since this post is about passive income, then I would highly recommend starting a Digital Product Business.

You can also choose which types of digital marketing techniques you want to use:

  • Facebook group posting
  • Facebook Lives
  • Podcasting
  • Youtube
  • Guest posting … etc.

As you can see, there are so many options available to us female entrepreneurs when it comes to how we want to conduct business Online.

So what I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to follow the latest trend and following what the masses are doing when it comes to running your own Online business.

You pick and choose the bits you like the best and the ones that fit your current circumstances, personality and strengthsthis is the key!

For example:

  • Does doing a Facebook Live scare the living daylights out of you? Then don’t do them!
  • Do you squirm at the thought of doing video’s for YouTube? Stay clear of YouTube!

Choose digital marketing techniques which keep you out of the limelight, so to speak. This might include doing guest blog posts or participating in Facebook groups.

The best marketing techniques with very limited ‘limelight’ are:

  • Googe SEO, and
  • Pinterest SEO

Choose and cherry-pick the elements and marketing techniques which suit your personality and your strengths!

What Defines Success for You?

Success means different things to different people, but since we’re talking specifically about running a passive income business business then let’s define success by money; the amount of monthly income you get from your Online business.

You might be happy making $1,000 per month, or you might want to aim higher and therefore success might be earning $10,000+ a month.

Sit and plan out exactly how much money you are comfortable earning with your new passive income streams via digital products.

Start small if you feel more comfortable with that, you can always up-your-game (and your income) when you get more confidence and realize that you really can earn a monthly income whilst still having ‘off days’.

Digital Products + Automation:
Your New Secret Weapon

So, as I briefly mentioned above, the Information Business Model is ideal for anyone who wants to earn an income Online, but with minimal daily input.

The information business model comprises of creating and selling digital products and then selling them with automated systems, therefore giving you a passive income!

This is briefly how you would put together your passive income stream:

  1. You create a digital product; I suggest you start with a simple ebook.
  2. You add an automated shopping cart and digital delivery system.
  3. You create a lead magnet (freebie) and place it on your website.
  4. You set up an automated email sequence to pre-sell and then sell your ebook to subscribers.
  5. You carry out your chosen digital marketing techniques to get people onto your automated email sequence.
  6. People start buying your ebook either directly from your sales page or via the email sequence.

You can then start creating another digital product (a course for example), therefore giving you a second passive income stream.

Now don’t get me wrong, it takes a lot of hard work up-front to get each passive income stream set-up. However, just remember that this only has to be done once and then you reap the financial benefits of your passive income stream for months and even years to come.

Example Passive Income Streams

Let’s take a little look at a couple of scenarios to help you understand how passive income with digital products can help you achieve your goals.

You create an ebook and sell it for $37. You only need to sell 37 copies of your ebook per month to make $2,369.

eBook Sales: $37 x 37 = $2,369

You might then go on to create an Online course and sell it for $297. You only need to make 17 course sales to earn $5,000 per month.

Course Sales: $297 x 17 = $5,049

Then add up the ebook sales and course sales per month:

$2,369 + $5,049 = $7,418

So you could easily earn $7,418 in passive income each month!

$7,418 each month without personally involving YOU. No chasing clients or getting full of anxiety because you have a deadline to meet.

You’ve taken the time to create your passive income stream and now your selling your digital product over and over again, but with no added input from you (apart from a little bit of marketing).

In Summary

So to summarize, don’t try and follow Sarah or Mandy by copying their Online business model and marketing techniques. Cherry-pick and choose the elements and digital marketing strategies which suit you personally.

Just remember that there are always choices.

Plan and map out what success means to you and how much you’d realistically like to earn from your first passive income stream.

Then start planning out your digital product and start creating it along with the rest of the passive income formula.

Having depression and anxiety is horrible, but I hope that this post has cheered you up a little and given you some relief knowing that you can still earn a very good income with the fabulous Information Business Model.

What Next?

So if you think that you would enjoy creating and selling digital products as a business venture, then you might be interested in my Passive Income Blueprint ebook course.

But first, I suggest you read the article on How To Create a Digital Product Business and Earn Your First $1,000 Month.

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I sincerely wish you all the good luck in the world!

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