The Two Different Roles of Sales Funnels & Sales Letters

I’ve created quite a few sales letters of the years to sell my ebooks, and I must say that I’ve had pretty good success with them.

Sometimes you just realize your strengths and your weaknesses and I think that one of my strengths is writing sales letters.

Now, by no stretch of the imagine am I anywhere near the top sales letter copywriters.

Absolutely no where near that.

As I said, I’ve only ever written my own sales letters to sell my ebooks, priced under $47, and they converted well with cold traffic direct from Google.

But now that I’ve streamlined my business into the new PIMS Ladies! brand, I’m currently implementing a very streamlined sales funnel to sell my new course, when it comes out soon.

I’ve been studying and implementing sales funnels and automated email sequences since 2012 when I took a couple of courses on blogging, sales funnels and selling digital products, so I know that I’m pretty clued-up with all the information, ammunition and experience I’ve accrued over the years.

So while I’m literally putting the finishing touches to my own sales funnel, of which I call them my Passive Income Funnels, I thought I would explain the different roles of a sale funnel and a sales letter.

The Role of Sales Funnels

A sales funnel is an automated email sequence of approximately 5-10 emails which sells for you over the course of a few days to a couple of weeks.

If written and set-up right, your sales funnel will make sales for you automatically 24/7 .

The main purpose of a sales funnel is to:

  • Take your subscriber on a learning journey.
  • This involves hitting their emotional points.
  • They get to know, like and trust you.
  • You give subscribers an actual outcome.
  • The next logical step for them is to buy your digital product.

So if you do this right, then you won’t need a long, emotional and cleverly written sales letter because all of the hard work has already been done – automatically!

Did You Know:  The sales funnel was first used in the early noughties by Eben Pagen under the pseudonym of David DeAngelo to sell his ‘Double Your Dating’ digital products.

Your subscribers at this point will either like you and want to buy your product, or they feel that you and your product are not the right fit for them, at this point in time anyway.

The Role of Sales Letters

Short sales letters will be sufficient when they’re at the end of a sales funnel, for reasons just explained above.

Long sales letters are becoming a dying breed because they have been replaced by the amazingly effective sales funnel.

However, if you just want to create a ‘Shop’ or as I like to call it, a ‘Digital Product Suite‘ and you don’t want to have sales funnels for each product you’re selling, then having a longer sales letter will be much more beneficial to give you a higher conversion rate with cold traffic.

Dependant on The Digital Product You’re Selling

Of course, not all things are equal as the style and the length of the sales letter will depend on what type of digital product you’re selling.

For example, if you’re selling a course for $397 then you’ll need a very long, detailed and persuasive sales letter.

However, if you’re selling some printables for $17 then you probably could just suffice with a description of what the customer will be getting when they purchase and how they can effectively use the printables.


So this is a brief explanation to try and outline what the two different roles are of a sales funnel and a sales letter.

As with anything online, there’s no right or wrong way of doing things, but there are some best practices which do work much more effectively when wanting to sell online, and so you should always take note of the ‘best practices’.

…. and a sales funnel is one of those ‘best practices’ you should include when you’re selling digital products or your services online.

So to reiterate:

Sales funnels are used to streamline and sell a specific product automatically 24/7.  A short sales letter is part of the sales funnel process and its placed at the very end of the funnel only after the heavy work (pre-selling) has already been done.

Sales letters are used to sell products or services which are not attached to a sales funnel.  The sales letter is a stand-alone page selling a stand-alone product to cold customers who have happened to land on your website and been directed to your sales page through a link or banner.

The length of a stand-alone sales letter depends on what type and price-point your digital product or service is.



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