7 Daily Habits of Women Who Succeed In Business

How To Become a Successful Business Woman

Do you wonder how some women succeed massively in business while others hardly touch the business success surface?

I don’t think that it’s because they are ‘better’ or ‘more clever’ than you and I, but from what I’ve learned over the years from watching women become successful and listening to podcasts and reading others’ success stories, is that it boils down to a few key things.

Here are seven habits of women who succeed in business which you can learn from in order to help you become a successful business women yourself.

Habit #1 – Be Relentless

You have to be relentless and have dogged determination that you will succeed, no matter what.

How do you get this dogged determination?

You have to believe 100% that you’re going to be successful.  There’s no room for limiting beliefs in business.

If you have any doubts or if there is something holding you back, then you can’t be relentless in your quest to reach your business goal.

You have to keep pressing forward through all the criticism, obstacles and failures.

The following 6 habits will help you towards being relentless.

Habit #2 – Daily Intentions

You know that you have to set goals in business but have you tried implementing daily intentions?

A daily intention is a conscious decision where you’re going to focus your energy for that day.

A daily intention is ‘daily mini goals’ on steroids. You have your bigger picture goals and then probably monthly and weekly goals, you just break these down further again into daily goals.

The ‘intention’ is a very solid and focused decision to get a particular task or outcome done for that day only.  This is a great productivity technique to get things done and consequently moving you closer to your bigger goal.

Habit #3 – Visualize

This is your ‘big picture’ goal.  It’s the vision of the completion of your main goal.

It’s literally the case of closing your eyes and putting images in your head of you and what life will be like once you’ve completed your goal.

For example with weight loss, you would visualize yourself slim. In your imagination you can see yourself slim and wearing those jeans or that dress which you currently cannot fit into.

So in relation to business, you can visualize having ten perfect clients.  Or speaking on stage with your own TED Talk.  Or running a successful monthly membership program with 100 paying customers.

This visualization isn’t as daft as it seems because the subconscious mind sees these images in your mind and starts believing that they are true and then starts implementing plans for you to take action to help you reach this goal.

Habit #4 – Inspiration

Sometimes it’s hard to stay inspired and motivated. It’s perfectly natural not to stay positive and enthusiastic all of the time, life just sometimes gets in the way.

So try and find several ways to keep you inspired and motivated.

You can make a weekly or daily habit of digesting inspirational content.

  • Read personal development books.
  • Read autobiographies or other successful business women.
  • Watch TED Talks on YouTube.
  • Read blog posts/social media posts of inspirational women online.

Habit #5 – Write

Some people swear by journaling each morning as it reinforces their goals

I’ve tried journaling each morning but it just isn’t for me.  So what I do instead is that I write my goals down over and over again, like doing lines in detention at school, in the morning and again just before I go to sleep.

This helps to cement your goals into your subconscious mind.  And once your subconscious mind believes 100% that you can and will attain your goal, then it will go out of its way to make sure you reach your goal.

Do whatever suits you and what can be done daily to turn it into a writing habit.

Habit #6 – Limit Distractions

With all this technology around it’s much easier to get distracted.

Schedule time to check your phone, Facebook and emails.  Then turn off your phone and put a block on websites where you can wonder over to and get distracted.

If you use Chrome, you can install the free Get Focused extension and then put in the websites (Facebook, DailyMail etc.) which you want blocked for a certain amount of time so you can get your work done without any distractions.

Habit #7 – Self Care

Set time aside for your daily dose of self care.

This can include something simple such as going for a 20 minute walk, eating well and drinking plenty of water.

Healthy living and self-care helps to clear your mind and you need a bright, alert mind when you’re running your own business.


Of course there could be a whole plethora of more habits, activities, tasks and strategies you can do to become a success, however those are the main seven which I can think are pretty important if you want to succeed online in this very noisy and competitive era.

Good luck!

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