What’s Your Focus and What Type of Marketer Are You?

As you may have read, I’ve been online since 1997 (on and off) and I’ve learned and come across just about every type of marketer this is.

Back in the late nineties and early noughties the Internet was very male dominated and so I was learning from a lot of male marketers.  And some of them, not all of them, were the classic ‘cheesy salesmen’ but in the online world.

They would use all the old sales text-book tactics to ‘get the sale’. But I was never comfortable with any of it.

I have since tried one or two ‘scarcity’ tactics but I never marketed or promoted my lead magnet, you can read about that here.

And of course today there’s a female entrepreneur / women in business revolution going on which I find…. a  relief to be honest.  Because I was participating in such a male-orientated online world there were hardly any women trying to make money online and there were certainly no mom bloggers – and I was a new mum so I really could have done with the support you see today.

Anyway, I’m starting to digress.

My Revival

I’m not going to go into the back-story now, but I’m starting afresh with this blog – PIMS Ladies! – from scratch.   So I’m starting from zero and to move slowly upwards.

I want PIMS Ladies! not only to be a blog but a brand.

I’m not bothered about, or intending to, dominate the whole ‘female entrepreneur’ revolution online, I think Carrie Green has that covered with the Female Entrepreneur Association – and she’s doing a fantastic job (I was a member for a while).

No, I wanted to carve out my own little niche and corner based on my own passive income experiences.

This is when I had the idea (my sub-conscious mind talking to me) that I should use all the information I had on my hard drive from over the years of running various blogs and creating 12 ebooks and printables to sell.

All this information was sitting on my hard drive (both on my PC and in my head!) doing absolutely nothing, and certainly not making me any money.

This is when PIMS Ladies! came into fruition to amalgamate all of my experience selling digital products over the years.

My Focus & Marketing Hat

When I first started planning and mapping out my new online business I had to decide on two major components:

  • What was the main focus of my business?
  • What type of marketer did I want to be?

This is really important because without these two you wouldn’t know what content to create each day and how to market and promote your business.

Focus Area:

I had to decide which area I would focus on the most which was easy because all I had to do was choose which mini-niche I was more passionate about.

This then leaves me with digital marketing and passive income which are two subjects which I know well and I’m passionate about – so this makes it much more easier for me to create content around.

And even though the Internet literally changes every day, I don’t mind trying to keep up with these constant changes when it comes to marketing and creating passive income.

Marketing & My Conscience

Now I had honed-in on my main focus of PIMS Ladies! I had to decide how I wanted to market the blog and brand.

I had to find a way to promote & market myself and PIMS which I felt comfortable with.

This is the key!

Remember when I mentioned above about the ‘scarcity’ marketing method (called scarcity marketing – apparently!), well there are dozens of female online business owners who are also now using this tactic.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

… but it’s just not for me.

So I decided to just ‘be me’ in everything I do, from:

  • Writing my blog posts.
  • Creating lead magnets.
  • Writing my ‘sales funnel’ emails.
  • Creating new digital products.

Look, anything that anyone writes or creates online is subjective anyway.  Some people will love it, some people will like it and some people will hate it.

You cannot control what everyone thinks and wants from you. So why try to please everyone and write/create things that you ‘think’ they want to know.

Instead I just decided to be me and write about my own experiences and my passions for online business. And I know that there will be many female business owners and bloggers who will be able to take a few bits and pieces away from my experiences and knowledge and apply it to their business.

So I decided that I’m not doing any:

  • Scarcity marketing.
  • Big launches.
  • False launches.

I’m just going to slowly, but consistently, keep writing my blog posts and helping people to find a home-based business and/or to leverage their business with passive income via digital products and automation.

If people like me and what I have to offer, then they will automatically want to read my stuff or buy my courses without me having to ‘fool’ them into buying anything with scarcity marketing.

This way I will be running a business I love and I’m passionate about, but most importantly, my conscience will be clear and I’ll be able to sleep at night!

Being Your Authentic Self

I think what this comes down to, as many other female entrepreneurs write and give advice about; is just being your natural, authentic self when it comes to marketing online.

Yes you can follow the hard-core marketing strategies to get more sales or faster sales, but it’s all down to each individual as to how we want to market ourselves and our business online.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing something, then don’t do it.

That’s my new-found philosophy!

Over To You…

I hope I have given you some food for thought about how you operate your business when it comes to your main focus and how you’re going to market and promote it.

  • What’s your blog or businesses’ main focus?
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • What type of marketer will you be?

Please feel free to let me know in the comments below so we can all share our perspectives and learn from each other!


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